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Creative writing is one of the subjects that produces extremely polarizing reactions. Some students love the subject and happily will write short stories, poems, and other forms of creative expression. Others have no love of art and find it impossible to write short stories on command, especially when creative expression is treated as a homework assignment to be a pushed out on demand. Many students, for example, find it a challenge to image good topics for short stories in English class or a creative writing course, while others find it much harder to develop those topics into an original story that artistically takes the reader from beginning to end. That’s why we offer professional short story writing help, for students who need the help for a college or university course to show them the best way to develop their own literary masterpiece.

The art of the short story is an ancient one. Scholars say that the first short stories in the literary tradition were probably oral compositions that told tales of heroes and gods. These were usually given in the form of poems, and these poems tended to grow longer and more complex over the centuries until they became epics, like the world’s first epic poem, the Epic of Gilgamesh. On the other hand, the modern short story derives from the parables and anecdotes told in ancient times as brief compositions on a topic of theme. Over time, as fiction became more popular in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, it became profitable to produce miniature compositions on the plan of novels. These short versions of popular books, known as blue books or chapbooks, set the template for the type of short fiction that would flourish in the magazine world in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

In more recent times, short stories have faced a bit of a decline as magazines have closed or been forced to move online. Fortunately, the rise of eBooks has given a new life to the short story, in the form of “singles,” which are essentially short stories repackaged as miniature books to be read quickly on an ereader or smartphone.

In the academic world, the short story is a standard school exercise in English class because they are faster to write than a novel and easier for a professor or instructor to grade than a massive and lengthy work.

How our short story writing service works

There are not more than four straightforward steps our clients have to take from point A to point B in order to receive an excellent short story written according to the initial requirements. Follow the guide and deal with the academic assignment of any complexity.

1. Place your order

Fill in the order form with all the requirements for your short story assignment. Pay attention to the extra services offered to you by our team.

2. Stay in touch

Don't forget to track the development of your short-story order communicating with the assigned writer through online chat or your personal cabinet.

3. Check the draft

Assess the received draft and make sure the written short story answers your expectations. Ask for amendments, if not.

4. Receive a paper

You will get access to an editable custom paper after you approve the received draft. We appreciate your feedback.

Why seek out short story writing help

Just because short story writing is a standard part of the curriculum doesn’t mean it’s easy or fun, or that every student has the talent to pull it off well. Our writing service lets you buy a custom short story that is well-written, entertaining, and thoughtful. When you purchase a short story, you’re learning how a topic that you choose can be turned into an interesting and unique literary exercise. To do this, we work with writers who are native speakers of the English language, and we work with writers who hail from countries where English is the native tongue, including the US, UK, and Canada. That way you can be sure that your short story will be as well-written as any other college paper, produced by professional writers who understand fiction as well as they do essay writing.

It certainly can seem strange to pay for a short story essay, but let’s run the analysis: Seeing how a professional writer will approach your topic can give you a huge advantage in terms of achieving high grades and accomplishing your goals faster. While you are buying a story for money, it is hardly different than paying the author of a professionally published short story to read their work as a way to learn about the art of academic writing. And in this case, you get to set the terms for what the story will cover and what it will be about. When we offer stories or sale, we know that they are helping to inspire our clients to produce exciting literary works of their own.

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Turn to the service that knows the art of short story writing inside and out. We guarantee that you’ll be happy with your story. Not only will it meet all of your requirements, we also guarantee that it will be well-written in good English and will be completely original and free from plagiarism. When you order from our short story writing service, our goal is to make you completely satisfied so you will return time and again whenever you need help with a short story, and essay or any other academic paper.

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