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  • At, we pride ourselves on balancing exceptional quality with affordable prices. While we cannot boast the least expensive prices on the market, we can guarantee that you will get the best value for your money when you order from us. We work hard to keep prices down, but we also work hard to attract the best academic experts to create the sorts of written assignments our clients require. Our experts need to be fluent in an astonishing variety of topics. One day they may have to write an undergraduate descriptive essay, and another a Ph.D. dissertation. Because of the many different areas our writers need to cover, we need to compensate them accordingly for the amazing work they do to satisfy each and every client.

    The prices we charge for our writing cover only the writing of your paper and research conducted from academic literature. They do not cover primary research. Our writers are not able to gather primary data from original research methods such as questionnaires, interviews, focus groups, observations, etc. for reasons both geographical and practical. When you need primary source research for your academic work, we are happy to work with you to create questionnaires and to analyze the results.

    We also work hard to ensure you receive your paper as quickly as possible. To receive your paper as fast as possible, we suggest discussing your assignment with your instructor or academic advisor to make sure you can provide us with a complete set of the requirements and expectations needed, along with all instructions and any specific topics you wish to see covered. Even our team of creative and effective academic writers needs clearly defined instructions to make sure we meet all your requirements.

  • Is There Any Chance to Get a Discount?

    Our service gives returning customers with discounts, because it reflects the quality of our work and the clients’ satisfaction.

    In order to develop the customer’s loyalty to our company, we have worked out a fair system of lifetime discounts, which can be quite useful and beneficial to everyone. Every returned customer is supplied with a personal code, which guarantees the lifetime discount, and is active as long as our services continue to be used. The possible discounts are the following:

    • 5% lifetime for more than $500;
    • 10% lifetime for more than $1000;
    • 15% lifetime for more than $2000.

    The previous purchases are accumulated continuously, and the amount of the discount increases on the stages of $500, $1000 and $2000.

    If you require additional information about the types of discounts and the ways to receive them, you are welcome to look through the “Discounts” rubric on your personal order page.

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