How to Write a Book Review

When the student is asked to compete a book review, he should know that there is a slight difference between the report and the review, so, below one can catch the main differences between these two assignments and in the end understand in what way to prepare a book review correctly.

Step One: Read Attentively

The primary student's job is to read the chosen book scrupulously to understand the plot and the problems of the book. The young person is expected to note all the important moments found in the text in order to save time later. One should pay attention to the characters, events, phenomena, descriptions of the weather, problems and other peculiar features of the book. Many students require rereading the book several times, so if one makes notes while reading, he will save more time for writing.

Step Two: Complete a Detailed Outline

The outline helps one organize his book review logically. The student can divide the text informally into three parts: the introductory (informs the audience about the book), the main part (informs about the peculiarities and details of the book) and conclusion. It is wise to prepare a detailed plan of writing in order not to miss any important point and aspect essential for the quality and objectiveness of the review.

Step Three: Concentrate on the Major Chapter

The main part of the review is supposed to be very important, because the student reveals the book from all sides there. First of all one dwells on the historical background of the events described in the text. Obviously, the student tries to connect the history and social reality of that time with the events and characters presented in the book and he understands their problems, emotions and fears. Then, one pays attention to the peculiarities of the characters, their appearance and inner side. He presents the problems illustrated in the text through the characters, their features, behaviour and deeds. While analyzing the problems, one is able to write about the social, economic, political, cultural and other aspects which can be interesting to the readers.

Step Four: Write about the Style

It is essential to write not just about the plot but about the style of author's writing, because every genre of writing has its own manner of presentation of information, its own standard and canons. One can notice the stylistic devices and other peculiarities which make the text sound better. Moreover, the young person is able to learn something more about the author, his other books and compare the chosen book with his other ones. Finally, it is possible to compare the text with the contemporary books of that time to evaluate its importance just in the moment of its creation.

Step Five: Conclude the Review

The final step is the evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of the book. The student has to present his personal point of view about the relevance of the text and its problems and recommend this text to other students or not.

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