Tips: How to Write a Thesis

When the student wants to make his academic career, he is supposed to complete a serious written paper which would reflect his knowledge and professional skills. A successful thesis paper is the assignment which demonstrates the student’s creativity and critical thinking skills and awards him with the high academic degrees. Below there are a few steps which would be useful for the appropriate construction of the thesis.

Step One: Chose a Good Topic for the Thesis

The value and success of a thesis paper depends on the choice of the topic. If the student wants to impress the reader with the brightness of his mind, he is expected to select an urgent and interesting problem for the research. Every assignment of this kind has a core thesis statement and the whole paper is the answer and explanation of this statement, so the student has to work hard to create the right topic and make the professor interested with the help of the statement.

Step Two: Define the Main Idea and Make the Outline

Before writing the paper itself, one should define what he wants to research and what answers he wants to find. It is quite difficult to find the major idea of the whole process of research and the student is supposed to do it, otherwise the quality of the thesis can be disputed, because the student does not understand what he expects from the research. Having designed the topic and the major issues for the analysis, one is ready to create a detailed and logical outline which would contain all the essential points and questions which requires answers and solutions. A good outline is the half of the successful work, because if the student plans the whole process of the research and clarifies all the points he wants to cover, all that remains is just to find the information and analyze it.

Step Three: Write an Abstract and the Table of Contents

One should prepare a brief abstract which illustrates the student’s intentions concerning the research, the purpose and relevance of writing and the difficulties which can be met on the way of the analysis. Then, one should create the contents page presenting all the chapters which build the whole thesis paper into the single unity. After that follows a brief introduction which makes the reader acquainted with the topic, problem, the approach towards the research, its methods and expectations.

Step Four: Dwell on the Methods

The student’s duty is to share the methods, theory and equipment used for the research of the issue. The young professional is evaluated according to the type of methods, their right application on practice, their usefulness and effectiveness for the successful observation of the matter. The student can state how these methods have helped him to achieve the expected results.

Step Five: Discuss the Research and Conclude It

One should carry on the research of the problem covering all the essential points of the thesis sharing the original ideas, hypothesis and thoughts on the issue under analysis. In the end the student can discuss the effectiveness of the research, claiming whether he has reached the expected results and whether the process of the investigation was a difficult one. The conclusion of the thesis should be objective and critical and the student should say what aspects of the problem still require deeper analysis.

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