Tips: How to Write a Research Proposal

A research proposal is an important academic assignment that precedes solid research papers and dissertations. Before you write a research paper, you should choose the right topic and prepare a good research project that should be accepted by your teacher. Naturally, many students do not know how to do their research proposals correctly and they can improve their knowledge with the help of our free writing tips.

Step One: Prepare a Title and Abstract

You should try to brainstorm an effective title for your proposal in order to attract attention of your readers at once. Every title should be brief, catchy and reflect the problem of your research efficiently. You must not insert odd and useless words into your title, because it will look weird and clumsy. Then, you should complete a successful abstract for your academic research proposal. This section should consist of 300-400 words and contain a brief and precise summary of your investigation. Here you will have to share your expectations, the main idea of your research, your hypothesis, methods of research and the reason for the choice of the topic.

Step Two: Compose an Introduction

An introductory part for a college research proposal should contain the explanation of the relevance and importance of your investigation, its usefulness for your personal development and your field of study. This chapter should also possess a good thesis statement that will reflect the main problem and key points of research. If you have an effective hypothesis, insert it into your introduction in order to draw the entire plan of research to your teacher.

Step Three: Construct a Literature Review

A literature review is one of the most important parts of your proposal, because it shows what sources you use for analysis and where your wise thoughts have come from. When you build a literature review, you should remember about the peculiarities of your format. You ought to cite all sources well and review every source according to the standards of the suggested format.

Step Four: Compose a Methodology Section

Every teacher will pay special attention to the methods and materials that you use for analysis. He will evaluate the level of your knowledge, creativity, professionalism and qualification according to the quality and choice of the methods and procedures that you conduct in your research. Be careful to apply only the right methods and instruments if you want to receive the highest scores for this section.

Step Five: Evaluate the Results

Every research paper has the definite results and your duty is to share your expectations and predictions about the quality of these results and their usefulness for you and your field of study. Try to be enthusiastic and persuade your reader that you are interested in your research in spite of any obstacles that can be waiting for you.

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