Free Tips: How to Write a Literature Review

A literature review is a very important chapter of solid research papers and dissertations. This section informs readers about the sources that have been used for analysis. Literature review writing is a complicated job, because one should review a great number of sources. Obviously, an average student does not know how to write a literature review correctly; therefore, it is smart to read our professional literature review writing tips.

Step One: Collect the Right Sources

When you investigate the definite problem, you ought to collect arguments and facts that can improve the informative value of your research paper or dissertation. When you use quotations from some books, you should cite them attentively in order to avoid problems with plagiarism. An average number of books and periodicals that one uses for thesis or term paper writing is about twenty. Consequently, you ought to review more than twenty reliable and up-to-date sources and organize a neat and well-formatted literature review.

Step Two: Write the Introduction

The first section of your literature review is a brief introduction. You ought to write about your topic, its main idea, purpose and relevance of research. Then, you can enumerate the main points and subcategories that you investigate. Connect these points with the sources that you have utilized. Mention the main ideas that you have grabbed from your sources. Try to connect your sources with your methods and research approach. Moreover, you should define the main criteria according to which you divide and analyze every books and scientific journal.

Step Three: Group All Sources into Categories

It is important to create a logical and coherent literature review. It is possible to prepare a well-balanced and informative review if you group all sources into the definite categories. You can divide your sources into three groups. Firstly, there are authors who share the same opinion. Secondly, there are authors who have opposite opinions. Thirdly, there are authors who have original opinions about your issue.

Step Four: Observe Every Source Separately

When you have divided all sources into groups, review them briefly. Write about a source’s author, title, place and date of publication. Write about the theme of this source and enumerate all issues it contains. Then, write why you have used this source in your dissertation or research paper. Present its strong sides. Show the author’s original point of view. Say why you agree to his point of view. Next, you can focus on the weak sides of the source and say about the differences between opinions of different authors about your issue under research.

Step Five: Summarize Your Literature Review

You are able to enumerate all contributions of your sources and point out at their advantages and disadvantages trying to show the varied picture of your detailed and profound research.

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