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Free Tips: How to Write an Essay

An essay can be called a basic assignment which can be quite useful for the development of the student’s writing skills, knowledge and intelligence required for the more serious academic papers. Though, there are many types of this genre of writing, the majority of essays still have the standard structure and manner of writing which can be reflected in the tips below:

Step One: Collect Facts

Every piece of writing requires the definite facts which can become the basis of the objective and logical writing carrying sense and useful information to the reader. Essay is not an exception, so the student is expected to spend enough time in the library or in the Internet looking for the up-to-date sources which can provide him with the reliable facts and arguments for writing.

Step Two: Take Notes

This advice is quite relevant, because more than 50% of students forget to take notes while collecting information and have to reread the sources twice to find the useful facts again. Of course, this problem is related with the student’s inexperience in time management.

Step Three: Make the Idea of Writing

The student is supposed to design and work out the idea of the research in the essay at the very beginning, so it is important to plan the whole process of writing at once. One is expected to have the definite idea and the personal attitude towards the problem under research, so that he will prove his point of view placing arguments and persuading the reader in their truthfulness.

Step Four: Make the Outline and Think about the Structure

An essay is not a chaotic and spontaneous piece of writing, but has a definite a strict structure which organizes the student’s thoughts logically. Every essay has an exposition, a body and a denouement. The initial chapter of the essay informs the reader about the problem under research in the specific way without the definite details. The body is the main part of the essay where one analyzes the problem and provides the reader with arguments. The final part of the paper is the denouement which summarizes the student’s research. The outline of the essay should contain the main points essential for the research. The student makes a brief list of the main points of the research in order to follow the logic of writing.

Step Five: Write a Thesis Statement and Follow to the Format

An academic essay is a complicated piece of writing which has to follow all the professor’s recommendations, so the student is expected to know how to create the right structure of the paper and how to cite the useful quotes correctly in order to make them suit to the demands of the chosen format. After that one is ready to start writing the paper. The initial step is the creation of the thesis statement which presents the problem under the analysis to the reader in the specific way. The whole essay afterwards is a detailed comment to this statement.

Step Six: Cover the Points Written in the Outline and Conclude the Essay

Having written the introduction and filled the essay’s body with arguments, one is ready to draw the adequate conclusion which would make the whole research sensible. Finally, one should simply revise the paper several times making sure it is absolutely grammatically and stylistically correct.

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