Tips: How to Write a Dissertation

A dissertation is the most serious and complicated paper the student has ever written. An average dissertation covers more than 200 pages and its role is to check student’s knowledge, skills, professionalism and creativity. A dissertation is written by the students who want to build academic career, so if one plans to receive PhD degree, he will be obliged to write and defend a dissertation. Below there are guidelines which would be quite useful for everyone who has chosen this difficult academic path.

Step One: Brainstorm the Right Topic

The most important initial job of every student is to create an effective topic for the research and it is difficult to do it successfully, because the topic should be original, relevant, interesting and thought-provoking. If the topic is too narrow, one will have problems with the 200-page writing and it is important to find the golden mean – a narrow topic with the opportunity of its extension.

Step Two: Stay in Contact with the Advisor

A dissertation is written under the constant control of the advisor, the professor who is responsible for the quality assistance to the student’s side and the latter has to visit the advisor as often as possible in order to make sure that the process of writing is regular and the student is on the right way. Moreover, one can find much useful information about the structure, format and the appropriate manner of writing of the definite chapters and the whole text in general.

Step Three: Clarify a Hypothesis

The aim of every dissertation is to analyze the chosen problem and solve it in the constructive way, so the paper has to start with the hypothesis which defines the aim and the idea of writing. The following research will be the answer and explanation of the hypothesis. The student should bear in mind that the commission will observe the hypothesis and the student’s actions directed to solve the suggested problem in the unique and professional way.

Step Four: Create the Outline and Start the Research

It is important to manage the available time wisely. Though the student has more than a year to complete and defend his dissertation, it is important to work every day fulfilling several points of the broad outline. The outline of the dissertation should include all the essential points for the research and this scrupulousness will prevent the young professional from missing valuable facts.

Step Five: Collect Data and Follow the Grammar

It is impossible to succeed in writing without the pack of the top-quality information collected from the reliable sources, so the student is expected to devote much time to the accumulation of the information at the library. One will need to keep to the professional manner of writing trying to be grammatically and stylistically correct. In spite of the volume of the paper, the advisor will read the text attentively and check the style scrupulously.

Step Six: Present Bibliography and Revise the Text

One will be asked to demonstrate the sources used for writing, so there is a need to complete a detailed bibliography designed according to the required format. The final action is the total revision of the dissertation, as the student will be punished for the slightest error of any type, so one has to be as attentive as possible.

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