Free Tips: How to Write a Dissertation Proposal

When a student wants to defend his high academic degrees, he will need to prepare a successful dissertation in order to demonstrate his knowledge and maturity. If you want to have your topic accepted by the committee, you ought to make them interested in your research. You are able to attract their attention with the help of a well-formatted and interesting dissertation proposal. It is possible to get to know how to make a dissertation proposal if you read our helpful writing guidelines.

Step One: Brainstorm a Good Title and Abstract

It is important to attract attention of the committee to your investigation. A good and sound title will help you inform them about the main idea of your topic. Then, you should focus on the creation of a brief and informative abstract that summarizes your dissertation. It is obvious that this section should consist of 400 words that demonstrate the main idea, the relevance of your problem and your expectations about this research.

Step Two:Construct Your Outline

Every successful dissertation proposal should possess a detailed and informative outline that illustrates your actions and research approach towards the chosen topic. This section is very important, because it shows the whole process of research to the committee. They are able to see where you start from and how you achieve your results.

Step Three: Write the Introduction

A good introduction will help you describe your dissertation proposal in detail. You ought to write about the origin of your topic, its relevance, usefulness, etc. It is wise to clarify the choice of your topic. Write what you expect to achieve and what difficulties can be met on the way of writing. Finally, you can mention all methods and materials that you utilize in your dissertation. Explain the actual composition of your paper to your readers. You can point at the strong sides of every section of your dissertation proposal and mention their importance and value.

Step Four: Clarify Your Methodology and Research Approach

Every solid research should be based on the set of the definite methods. You are able to describe every method and its practical usefulness in the methodology chapter. You can start with the least and finish with the most important methods. Show how each method contributes to the development of your dissertation. Show how they help you answer the main research question.

Step Five: Analyze Your Results

Now it is time to discuss all expected results of your dissertation. This part of your proposal is essential, because it shows what you can achieve if you conduct your research thoroughly. In the end, you ought to construct the list of references and show every source that you have utilized in the process of investigation.

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