Free Tips: How to Write a Conference Paper

Almost any scientific work ends with a report at a special scientific seminar which implies discussion of scientific problems. At such seminars, students often make reports on certain topics. The report contains all parts of a scientific report or an article. This is a crucial moment for the speaker. Here, knowledge of the subject of the research, the ability to conduct an experiment and explain the results obtained are checked. On the other hand, colleagues are going to learn something new for themselves. They spend their time and want to spend time with benefit and interest. The listeners ask questions on the topic of the speech, and the speaker needs to learn to understand the essence of various issues. At the conference, the problem is discussed, examined from all sides, and it happens that the author learns a lot about his work. Get to know how to write a conference paper which will attract the attention of the audience and fit the schedule of the event.

Step 1. Announce the name of the work and the names of the authors

Mostly you have 10 minutes for your report. After the report, there will be five minutes for the questions from the listeners and your answers.

The full time of your performance is not more than 15 minutes. If there are 12 students in the group, then this seminar will take 3 hours. Hence, save time.

Usually, the title of the report and the authors are announced by the head of the seminar. He or she presents the report, but often the speakers repeat the name and the participants later. The name is a short statement of purpose. The title of the coursework should be specific and clearly indicate what your efforts were directed at. If the title is less than 10 words - this is a good tone. You need to name the supervisor and the place of his or her work. Explain the name of the work in other words. You will be better understood if you tell what phenomenon is being investigated, what is being measured, what is being created, developed or calculated. Show what exactly interests you as clearly as possible.

The time spent is approximately 30 seconds (9 minutes 30 seconds remaining)

Step 2. Provide your audience with a short annotation

In this part, it is necessary to justify the necessity of the research and its relevance. In other words, you must prove that the report is worthy of being listened to. You should allocate approximately 2 minutes (7 minutes 30 seconds remaining).

Explain why it is important to investigate this phenomenon. Engage your listeners in the topic of your study.

Tell who and where solved a similar problem. Indicate strengths and weaknesses of known results.

Step 3. Present theoretic and experiment parts

This part is mandatory. It is a truly rare case when you can do without a theoretical justification of the work ahead. It is desirable to make estimates of the quantities. It is necessary to show the current level of your understanding of the problem. Experimental research should be based on theory. Show only the basic relations and be sure to give relevant comments. Say that the main part of the theory is in the coursework you present at this conference. Give the idea of your experiment, if it can be shown with the help of video — do it. Allocate about 2 minutes 30 seconds for this part (5 minutes remaining).

Step 4. Present the results of your work

List the major, most important results of the work. Explain what you think is most important and why. Is there a result you are proud of? Stop on it in detail. Elaborate on how it was received, indicate its characteristics. Tell what follows from the information you provide. What prospects? List the other results you received. If you show a graph, tell me what is indicated on the axes and what dimensions (1 min 30 s left - 3 min 30 sec).

Step 5. The discussion of the results and conclusions

Remind the purpose of your work to the audience. Compare and contrast the received results with the known ones. This can be data from other authors, including the results set out in the coursework of your peers. Be sure to tell if the purpose of the work was achieved. Was the study completed? Formulate possible topics for future coursework on the research topic.

When making conclusions, tell again about the purpose of the work. Clearly formulate the conclusions. Show that it is firmly established as a result of an experimental study. Conclusions can be read.

Often there are interesting ideas and unexpected directions of research. The work becomes more informative. Consequently, the report is necessary for the development of science itself and students.

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