S*P*A*M • The Society of Properties Artisan Managers

S*P*A*M (The Society of Properties Artisan Managers) is an association of professional Prop Managers and Educators. The purpose of S*P*A*M is to serve as an educational vehicle and resource for the managers and to create fellowship among property professionals to address issues of common importance to its members. The goals of S*P*A*M are:

  • Create a national communication and support network to share resources, information, solutions and techniques, safety issues, continuing education and stock.
  • Promote the highest professional standards among Property Artisans and craftsmen.
  • Promote the profession of Properties to potential artisans in college or elsewhere in the theatrical business, and establish educational standards for the training of Property Artisans.
  • Improve working relationships and conditions for all Properties Artisans, by educating theatre institutions of the capabilities and needs of Property Artisans.
  • Establish parity with other professionals within production specialties.

S*P*A*M* Officers

President – Jim Guy, The Milwuakee Repertory Theatre

Treasurer – Patricia Olive, The Guthrie Theater

Secretary – Deborah Morgan, The Lyric Opera of Kansas City


The members of S*P*A*M believe that one of our most important missions is to provide guidance to those wishing to begin or advance their career in properties. S*P*A*M will try to link interested parties with a member from our group in their surrounding area to act as a mentor. This is a free service open to any person interested in a career in props. Additionally you will find information compiled by our members regarding available intern programs throughout the country under the link titled “Internship List”. If you are interested in receiving more information regarding an intern or mentoring position simply go to the “Contact Us” page, fill in personal information, select intern opportunities from the drop down list, and send us a message.

S*P*A*M is also pleased to provide a link to member and educator Sandy Strawn’s web book THE PROP HANDBOOK. This is excellent resource for everyone at all levels of prop production and education. For the benefit of educators, Sandy has been gracious enough to put this information on the web for your use in teaching properties to your students. Please make sure to take a second to leave a comment for her. This will help her to continue her work and to pass this great collection of knowledge on to all of us.

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S*P*A*M is also proud to feature blogs written by properties professionals that we believe are helpful to all levels of properties management and production. These can be found on the Internet Resources Page.


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