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Interactive Documentary

The Water at Bay: An Interactive Documentary is a groundbreaking new way to explore and understand flood risk and climate change in the Bay Area. [Read more]

REPORT: Changing Channels (Flood Control 2.0)

A 21st Century solution to redesign flood control channels and help Bay wetlands adapt to sea-level rise. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Tiburon marsh restoration project underway

A Tiburon-based researcher is leading a tidal marsh restoration project along the Blackie’s Pasture shoreline that could provide protection from sea-level rise and help wildlife. [Read more]

DYK: Bay Pollution

Every year, millions of pounds of toxic pollutants flow untreated into SF Bay, where they can remain for decades. [Read more]

REPORT: Sea-Level Rise and the Governance Gap in the San Francisco Bay Area

UC Davis Report Suggests Visioning Task Force to Move Climate Adaptation Planning Forward. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Bay Area’s Answer to Sea Level Rise

The Bay Area faces a common threat along its shores, but must meet it with an array of ambitious and creative responses. [Read more]

REPORT: Dredgefest California

DredgeFest California was a week-long event about the human manipulation of sediments in California’s Bay-Delta. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Winter storms pour pollution into San Francisco Bay, Delta

The heavy storms that washed away California’s drought this season have come with a side effect: large slugs of pollution and sewage washing into San Francisco Bay and the Delta. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: SF Bay Ecosystem Collapsing

Evidence of the planet’s “Sixth Mass Extinction” is appearing in SF Bay and its estuary, according to a major new study. [Read more]

REPORT: Baylands Ecosystem Habitat Goals Project

We have an opportunity to maintain the benefits the baylands provide—but it requires bold action now. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: This Year’s King Tides

While they’re not inherently related to climate change, king tides provide a peek into a world with higher sea levels. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: A Regional Response

The challenge is profound: to accommodate the bay’s impending expansion as it rises. [Read more]

DYK: Our Bay on the Brink

The Bay is the heart of our region, but rising waters and deteriorating shorelines put our region at risk. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Measure AA Passes

Thousands of acres of land around SF Bay will be restored to wetlands after voters approved Measure AA. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Billboards

Did you see our billboards on your commute? It’s true: rising waters and climate change could knock out important roads and services. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: King Tides

Jeremy Lowe warns that cities and agencies need to do more to prevent flooding. [Read more]

Save the Bay: Pollution Solutions

Save the Bay breaks it down: pollution that contaminates our Bay and what you can do to help. [Read more]

REPORT: Surviving the Storm

The next big storm is coming, is the Bay Area preparing quickly enough? [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Tech Campuses Threatened

At least 10 major tech campuses including Oracle, Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Intel, and Cisco lie in flood-prone areas. [Read more]

DYK: Flood Risk

Even if we don’t know it, many homes and businesses around the Bay are at risk of serious flooding. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Billions of Pieces of Plastic Litter in SF Bay

SF Bay is more contaminated than the Great Lakes, Chesapeake Bay and other major U.S. bodies of water. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: Five Things to Know About The Bay

Over the coming decades, California’s Bay-Delta system will feel impacts of global climate change with shifts in biological communities, rising sea level, and modified water supplies, according to a new study by the USGS and academic partners. [Read more]

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REPORT: Projected Evolution of California’s SF Bay

California’s San Francisco Bay-Delta-River System will face drastic consequences in a century of climate change. [Read more]

IN THE NEWS: SF Bay Shows Signs of Progress

The erstwhile murky waters of SF Bay are mostly clean enough to swim in, and the fish are essentially edible if you can shrug off the mercury and PCBs. [Read more]

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