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Nsibidi Institute is an independent knowledge and cultural centre working to retell, rethink and reimagine the Nigerian narrative.

News at the Institute

OCL 2017: Call For Contributions

Calling all artists, urbanists, photographers, journalists and researchers! Open City Lagos 2017 is here! You’re invited to share your research or creative projects exploring the theme Resilience. Selected entries will be shortlisted for the OCL 2017 symposium and featured in its publication. For more information see here.

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Reclaiming History, Unveiling Memory

We held Time Travel 101 – a workshop at the Reclaiming History, Unveiling Memory conference, with the Goethe Institut Lagos and the Lagos Film Society. The aim of the workshop was to encourage film practitioners – filmmakers, scriptwriters, historians and others interested in filmmaking processes – to explore creative approaches to working with film archives. At the workshop, we had fascinating presentations from Bolaji Kekere-Ekun (the 37th State), Ekene Mekwunye (The Encounter – Trino Studios), Lisabona Rahman (Lab Laba-laba), and Nikolaus Perneczky who all shared lessons and insights from their own exercises with archival footage

The General: iREP Screening

Our documentary, The General, was selected to be screened at the iREP Film Festival which held at the Kongi Gallery, Freedom Park, Lagos Island from March 24-27, 2016. The festival brought together some of the most inspiring and influential in the film industry in a range of activities and screenings. The General is the story of Blessing Bassey-Duke, the matriarch of the Etim Effiong Duke family and oldest-surviving member of the Bassey-Duke family. Centred on her magnetic presence, it sheds light on marriage and family life in the 50s, the effects of the Nigerian Civil War, traditional royal family structures in Efik land, as well as Blessing’s own humanitarian achievements, and her particular brand of love. Watch the trailer here.

Behind the Scenes with the Memory Project

Here at Nsibidi Institute, we are fascinated by the role of the individual in shaping history and the relevance of his/her experiences to collective memory of Nigeria and its people. As such, we are leading an expedition to explore the social and cultural landscapes of human experience in early Nigeria. We are putting together personalised accounts of everyday Nigerians in order to capture the nuanced phenomenon of human memory.

To find out how to get involved click here.

Our Current Focus

Collective Memory

Bringing to the fore the role of the individual in shaping history and the relevance of his/her experiences to the collective memory.

Futures & Imaginaries

Historicizing the present to re-think the future through recollections of the past and its abandoned alternatives.

Contemporary Culture & Society

Understanding how contemporary life has and is being shaped in Nigeria.

Society & Space

Uncovering Nigeria’s formative stories and how the way we inhabit space has evolved over time.


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