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Catalyze Chicago is a co-working space and incubator for product entrepreneurs.


At Catalyze, we believe you can build anything you set your mind to. From textiles to turbines and everything in between, we'll provide all the tools you need to launch a sustainable business!

Chicago is a city built on manufacturing and engineering ingenuity. We made a name for ourselves as a trading powerhouse and pioneered the great railroads that shaped our fledgling nation. We reversed the flow of a river, built the first skyscraper, split the atom, and threw the greatest World’s Fair in history. We are a tough and resourceful breed, persevering through harsh winters, the Gangster Era and a fire that burnt the city to the ground.

Today, we believe that spirit lives on in the dreams of our entrepreneurs.

Catalyze is a nonprofit incubator, whose members have boots on the ground and sights on the stars. It is a creative and collaborative workspace, equipping its members with state-of-the-art tools, industry mentorship, manufacturing support, and investment networks.


Launching a product business is tough! You need the knowledge to define your problem and identify your customers, tools to develop your product, and the networks to deliver at scale.

If the only thing standing between your product and benefiting from Catalyze is some tension in college or university, delegate academic tasks to dissertation writing services and focus on making your dreams come true.

Built from the ground up by its members, Catalyze is a non-profit incubator designed to help you overcome these obstacles, build your business, and operate it sustainably. Below are just a few of the tools we'll put in your toolbelt!


Catalyze hosts an assortment of events throughout the month, many of which are open to the public. These events include seminars, workshops, happy hours, competitions, and mentor office hours. Check out our calendar below to see if there’s something that piques your interest!


Need a part printed, cut, or machined? Enlist the Catalyze team to produce one-offs and low volumes on spec. If you need more focused support for design or engineering services, we'll hook you up with a Catalyze Contractor that will help guide you to the next step of your project.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions for the team here at Catalyze, send us a note or come by for a tour. We'd be happy to answer any questions!

650 West Lake Street #110, Chicago, IL 60661

(312) 857-3735 // team@catalyzechicago.org